The healing power of music

Listen to music; it stimulates all areas of the brain, so that the human body reacts to this with emotions, senses, etc. If we observe, for example, the behaviour of people at concerts, we would have illustrate this.

Music and the Brain

Oliver Sacks, neurologist has explored the phenomenon of people with different illnesses. Particularly impressive were his investigations in relation to Parkinson’s patients. In all case studies, he could see that even patients began with extremely strong marked symptoms, i.e. in the case of complete stillness, but with music, they suddenly start to dance and sing.He claims that the reason for this lies in the rhythm of the music, because music is a structure of the patient and give a clear speed, which are necessary to bring structure back in their movement.

The power of music and the impact it has on the child’s brain, have also been scientifically proven many times. In particular, the effects of classical music on children’s brain development should be emphasized.The rhythm of the music has a clear structure, a specific pattern, a structure. This logical structure influences the analytical thinking. Music and mathematics are linked together, so to speak.

Music and mathematics are even referred to as siblings. For Johann Sebastian Bach, for example, music was a numbers game and rules, series and intervals, correlations, and orders. Regardless of whether the music leads to special achievements in mathematics and logical subjects or not, it has great importance for the human brain capacity and the emotional state of every man, and this is worthy of attention.The right music for the individual at the right time can lift the mood, can promote creativity, can help tackle problems with a certain ease. Music gives wings, so to speak.

People of all kinds come together under the influence of good music and go to another. You no longer feel isolated, but recognize the common connection.Daniel Barenboim (world famous conductor) through his orchestra proves to the world how different worldviews, religions, languages, cultures can be brought together through music. His living example proves that music does not only change the people, but also can change the world.