Music as therapy

The old musical schools believed that the music is the bridge that connects all things together. In imitation of the Pythagorean thought they represented a “sacred canon” this specific harmonies, intervals and proportions together, the so-called binding tones: when people hear certain sequences of notes and then sync the rhythms of her body and mind with the rhythms of the planet and plants, the earth and the sea.

Disharmony, disagreements between body and mind disappear. Music is the bridge to the cosmos, would open the mind and body to higher forces and an increased consciousness, because the music can connect the microcosm and the macrocosm together.The music influences on the mind and character of the people. It must be considered in education and public life as a moral and social factor.

The academic musicology has long been aware that certain sounds can positively affect the consciousness. One example is the Goldberg Variations by Bach, which can positively influence insomnia and restlessness.

The use of music to alter the state of consciousness has become one of the most important musical trends of the 70s. However, not only the musicians of the 70s discovered and experimented with this phenomenon. The shamans of Central Asia and certain Indian and oriental musicians know musical methods that lead to trance, pain control and the ability to walk on hot coals without injury.

Whether it is called sound, tone, resonance, or music therapy, in principle, all authors agree that music can have a significant influence on the physical and mental health of the people.

They propose composers and works which they consider particularly suitable for therapeutic purposes.The patient have the opportunity to choose “his music.” Therefore, music can be a medicine that helps correct and consciously applied without bitter taste and side effects.

The patient of today is enlightened and informed and he is focused on the rapidity of the effect of a therapy or a drug. Such a patient will hardly seek a sound therapy.

In the case of a long illness aetiology or chronicity, however, the patient is safe more willing to accept a longer alternative treatment within the meaning of holistic health.